torsdag den 12. juni 2014

Den store sommerfornøjelse / The great summer fun

In English down below.
Der sker meget mere sjovt om sommeren end om vinteren. Mine mennesker kan tage til revy eller udendørs arrangementer. Jeg derimod har min store sommerfornøjelse lige inde for rækkevidde.

Jeg kigger på humlebier. Det vil sige engang imellem prøver jeg at træde på dem og æde dem. Min mor synes at jeg skal lade dem være i fred for de kan altså godt stikke. Tro mig, hun taler af erfaring.

Vores humlebier bor i en udluftning i vores hus-sokkel.

Jeg kan sidde hele dagen og hygge mig med at kigge på humlebierne.

Hallo lille ven, kom ud og blive spist, savle savle!
Åh nej, den ser sur ud. Den er nok ikke i humør til at blive spist.
Nu truer den mig også med sin brod.
Jeg må nok hellere gøre som mor siger og lade humlebierne passe deres arbejde med at samle honning.
Jeg kan stadigvæk ligge hele dagen og stirre på at humlebierne flyver ud og ind, men det interesserer overhovedet ikke Vaks. Kan man nu forstå det???

In English.

There is a lot more fun going on in the summertime than in the winter. My peeps are maybe going to  revue or some outdoor events. I on the other hand, have my great summer fun right within reach.

I'm looking at bumble bees. That is, sometimes I try to step on them and eat them. My mom says I should leave them alone before they sting me. And I'm believing her, she is talking from experience.

Our bumblebees live in a vent in our house socket.

I can sit all day and enjoy myself looking at the bumblebees.
Hello little friend, come out and be eaten by me, drool drool!
Oh dear, it looks mad. It's probably not in the mood to be eaten.
Now it's threaten me with its sting!
I'd better do what mom says and let the bumblebees take care of their work to create honey.

I am still  lying all day long and stare at those bumble bees flying in and out, but Vaks doesn't care at all. Do you understand that???

14 kommentarer:

  1. Don't touch the bees whatever you do!
    Lily & Edward

  2. Laika leave the bees alone and like me take up chasing flies. They are a far better sport pal and they don't sting and they taste delicious. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Oh Molly I don't know. It's so entertaining to those bees :-) They fly in and out and in and out all day. I love it.

  3. Laika, it probably is a good idea not to bother those bees. They are very busy bees, and so would get a little mad if you interrupt their work. Love your graphics. Take care.

    1. Ok I won't bother them anymore, just look at them LOL.

  4. Hi Laika :-)
    Do not touch them!!!
    Just let them entertain you ...
    I think Vaks already have talked to them :-)
    Have a great Weekend :-)
    Love from Stina

    1. I think so too, because he won't even look at them :-)

  5. My dogs are obsessed with bumblebees also!
    Except, one time, Mika got stung in the mouth by one when she tried to eat it!!! So I t to keep them away from those darn stingers!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. Mom try to keep me away, but it don't work LOL.

  6. Be careful! Bumblebee stings hurt!!!

    1. Yes I know because mom told me, but I don't care.

  7. Svar
    1. I love it. They are flying in and out and in and out all day LOL.


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